My name is Stella Mather at the time of writing this I am 45 years young and got married to my scouse husband last September. I have two step- children and a cat called Bruno. I’ve lived in Liverpool for 18 years and work for a construction company as a Systems Coordinator

The BraveheartsNI founder is very dear to my heart. Clare and I became best friends in 1996 when we both joined Sainsburys as Trainee Managers.

Clare’s two daughters are a testimony to what a woman she is …

I got involved with Bravehearts on the back of Clare’s unbelievable work and determination to make sure teenagers with congenital heart disease had both practical and emotional support. I spent many weeks in Birmingham Children’s Hospital supporting Clare whilst Shealyn was having her surgeries. I saw first hand the devastation this caused in their lives, and the emotional roller coaster they went through every time, even more so as Shealyn reached her teens and began to understand more about her condition. We all know how challenging our teenage years can be when you are healthy, never mind adding in the complication of sickness, lengthy hospital stays and becoming aware that you are different and realise that you have limitations.

When Clare & Shealyn asked me to become a BraveheatsNI Trustee in 2014, I did not hesitate. I knew the difference a charity for teenagers and young adults in NI could make, and since then I have been here to offer my support in whatever way is needed.

I’m so very proud of everything our Bravehearts accomplish to help each other. Now that’s what a real charity ethos is!