BraveheartsNI’s aim is to support teenagers and young adults in Northern Ireland with congenital heart disease and support their families providing pastoral and welfare support.


BraveheartsNI will build a network of support for CHD patients in NI with responsibility being assumed by the Bravehearts themselves. All work through BraveheartsNI will be completed on a volunteer basis with all funds raised or donated being used directly where needed within NI.  The Bravehearts themselves will gain strength and friendship by working alongside each other supporting and encouraging themselves and others in their efforts to reach other Bravehearts and their families. This will make huge strides in combating isolation within this small demographic group and will give Bravehearts a purpose that they can control and develop.  Remaining a volunteer patient led charity is of the utmost importance to us. We have already built an extremely strong ethos and have been rewarded for this by support and donations.