I’m Josh, I have CHD with the following diagnosis- aortic stenosis, coarctation of the aorta, an aneurysm on my aortic arch & aortic valve regurgitation.

My first open heart surgery was at only 9 days old when I required an emergency operation to repair my aortic valve. This surgery resulted in damage to a vocal cord.

Following that at 3 months old I had a balloon angioplasty & during this my heart stopped multiple times and I had to be resuscitated. This then led onto a further open heart surgery to repair the valve and aortic arch. My arch was so narrow they had to use a cows’ jugular to patch it up! My care is lifelong and I am required to take daily medication.

My CHD means I am not allowed to participate in any contact sport or football. I love football, but it doesn’t stop me getting involved & helping out. I will need further surgeries to repair my defects, until then I just take each day as it hits me!