I’m Ann & I was born in 1965 with a CHD not very well known at the time as Cardio tetralogy of fallots. At that time corrective surgery was not very successful and I remained a patient at the RVH for a very long time. In fact, in Christmas 1968 my health had deteriorated so much my Mother was told to take me home to spend my last Christmas with my family. Roll on 3 years later and I was still in the RVH and an amazing Surgeon Dr Molloy told my parents that he would perform the necessary surgery as if it was to be a success would give me a better quality of life to at least my teenage years but he could not guarantee me living any longer than this. I am now in my 50’s! I am an active women, Mother and Grandmother.  When I was growing up I was embarrassed to let anyone know I was not ‘normal’ as back then there was no support for either myself or my family.  Moving forward 40 years and with the help of charities like Heartbeat NI and BraveheartsNI and the wonderful support of Jan & the ACHD Team in the RVH I have come to realise I never was normal, none of us CHDers are because we Are all super Hero’s ❤️💔 Normal is so BORING x